"I enjoy meeting weekly with Lisa. She provides me a workable lifestyle plan that I can adapt to the realities of my schedule and family. She focuses more on the process - looking at the ups and downs of my week - and encourages me to rejoice in my success and to strive toward my new goals. I have lost weight and made positive changes in my life."

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“The Greek word "Diatia" {dye-ay-shah} means “Way of Life and Wellness”
Diatia offers a wellness plan specific to your needs, encouraging a different way of thinking and living for the ultimate state of contentment.
It is the relationship between learning about your behaviors and living a healthy lifestyle and discovering real solutions to life-long struggles.
Everyone has their own unique needs, and at Diatia we provide you with the support and practical strategies that truly help you feel positive and stay motivated to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Your unique plan may include, but is not limited to any one, of the following:  Life Coaching, Weight Management, Reiki Therapy, Group Presentations and/or Consulting.

Mind. Body. Spirit.

Wellness; It's in our name. And it transcends every aspect of the Diatia formula to promote balance and healing internally as well as externally for life-long health. As human beings, we seem to need a personal touch, a way that we can be restored to a healthy lifestyle. This gives us a sense of hope and purpose in order to improve our sense of well being. We provide alternative therapies that can do just that.

Change for the better. From the inside out.

In a holistic model of care, all health issues have a biological (physical), psychological (mental), social (emotional) and spiritual factor that contribute to a person's well being. Each component is interdependent and interrelated, and all should be addressed to achieve optimal wellness.

Creating a wellness lifestyle requires a shift to a new way of thinking about our body, mind and spirit. Creating a healthy lifestyle requires that we make conscious choices into our state of health through our thoughts and activities that fully nourish us. Let us help you create your own individual lifestyle unique to you. You can choose a delivery method best suited to your needs such as one on one appointments or phone coaching for support during your lifestyle changes.

You can trust Diatia to treat you with care, support, respect and confidentiality!

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